Since 1992, Bill Jordan has been fascinated with the extraordinary nature and beauty of the replication of Shell Art and octagonal wooden display cases so often used in preserving the history of the wonders of Sailors' Valentines.


A romantic way to say
"I love you."

A Sailor's Valentine is classed as a wooden eight-sided case enclosed in glass containing a mosaic of sea shells of different colors, shapes and sizes. Historical fact tells us they were created in the 1800s and brought home as gifts for loved ones after long voyages at sea. (...more)

Shell art is much more than just the finished product. It is about the love and artistry that is put into the beauty of finding and collecting the perfect shells, sorting them by size and color to create a beautiful new and unique way to arrange them that truly captures the essence of what so many have longed to say: "I love you."

Pictured here is a sampling of one of my shell mosaics using an antique pocket watch as the vessel, and parts from a sea urchin I found washed ashore after a storm. The key word to my art work is patience and once completed it`s then that the shell I found on the beach has a new and lasting glory in my love of shell art. There is mystic and wonder in reusing the beauty that is produced by the sea in a new and artistic way to share with those you love. (...more)

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