Five New Items

This is one of five new items now available in my “Strictly Shell Art Store”. Four created by Karine Almir and an 11 inch Walnut White Inlay Case. See  for Cases- Valentines- Watches and more.

Welcoming author Heather O`Keefe

Author, Heather O’Keefe, gives a very unique look at the history on how shell crafting became popular over the last century in her new book “American Shell Craft”.  This book is not only for the experienced shell crafter, but also a beginner crafter as well by offering patterns to create your own shell crafting and providing inspiration for you to design and make your own projects.

With over 140 color photographs, Heather is able to share her own personal shell crafting collection which includes her vintage seashell jewelry handcrafted from the 1930’s to 1970’s.

A time when it was known as the “golden age” of vintage seashell jewelry.

The photograph collection in the book also shares shell designs from WWII American and Canadian Navy Hobby Manuals and shell brooches made in WWII Japanese Internment Camps.

About the Author:  Heather O’Keefe is a retired professor of Marketing and Communications.
Minnesotan by birth, North Dakotan by marriage, and Floridian by choice, she has been an independent entrepreneur her entire life. Her love of big waters started early, growing up near Lake Superior, and fishing in the summer (and winter) with her father on the lakes of Ontario, Canada. She went to her first estate sale with her mother at age nine, instilling a lifelong appreciation for collecting antiques. Vintage shell jewelry combines her great, lifelong loves.
Heather has won multiple blue ribbons and awards for her shell designs in International Shell shows across the United States.

Heather`s “American Shell Craft” book is now available in my “Strictly Shell Art Store” at Cases- Valentines- Watches and more.



My “Restoration Mystery”

                        Are you the one who enjoys solving mysteries, are you the one who has the answer?

                                                   Here`s the question: How old is this paper bag?

The art work and case construction in this double Sailors Valentine easily dates back to the 1800s at best the early 1900s and I do favor 1850, the Victorian Era when this type of art really took off in France and England.

As you may or may not know cotton was used to evaluate the placement of Shells, but not all applied crumpled paper to increase the height of the cotton.

     In this restoration from some time ago the answer came quickly,

tucked under the cotton, crumpled news print that gave the answer,

                                                                  The London Dispatch of 1872.

Somehow it just does NOT seem fair in this restoration to have destroyed a perfectly good reusable paper bag instead of news print, hence the mystery! So what store did the bag come from and when was it in business?

So far the clues are either France or England around the Victorian Era from about 1830 on and I am now sitting here waiting for your answer watching my e-mail account.

  1. P.S. After you send the answer don`t forget to take a quick walk through my “Strictly Shell Art Store” at Thanks in advance for your help! Bill