Ivory Heart Shell Pendant

DSC00686-002I have been beyond busy as of late but managed to create this pendant with an Ivory Heart surrounded by tan and white Auger shells, Rice shells, Sea Urchin parts and Spines as shown in the following pictures, just in time for Valentine`s Day.

DSC00687-002This Pocket Watch Pendant is now available in my, “Strictly Shell Art Store” see: https://strictlyshellart.com/ Cases- Valentines Watches and more.


Enchanted Shellfish Art Sailor’s Valentine

1Shell Art or as Hatsue correctly states it, Shellfish Art has been around since the dawn of mankind and over hundreds of years many books and pamphlets have been published. Some describe the creative process and in others the history of the art along with pictures of artists and their work of the era. A few months ago I received an excited e-mail from Hatsue stating “Seizan-Do” offered to publish a book about her art and over a period of a few short months it arrived. Opening the package I wondered what it was going to look like arriving so soon but much to my surprise it was hard bound and touching the Valentine picture on the cover had a 3 dimensional look and texture and I was impressed.

2Opening the book to the table of contents, disclosed a numerous list of categories such as Roots, Gallery, Scene, Tools, Production process, Former teachers, Shell Shows, Atelier & Studio, History & Gallery Museum and more.

3      The 47 page picture Gallery section is representative of her creative art dating back to her beginnings in 2006.

4                                 All of the pages in the Gallery are sharp, crisp and clear on high grade gloss paper.

5                        There are also pages included in the Gallery that give a close up detailed look of her work.

6The Scene section speaks to, “Shell art in our life”, in items she has created for weddings, personal accessories, jewelry boxes, paperweights and gift items.

7In the Catalog section are pictures of shells with their names and in a following page, their names in relationship to color.

8Another nice touch which you don`t commonly see in books of this nature, two pages covering her Production process.

9There are so many quality pictures in her 80 page book it would be over welling in a blog so I will leave you with this story: I will never forget the first time I met Hatsue in October of 2012 at the Philadelphia Show. I stood on the side walk wearing one of my watch pendants when all of a sudden I heard someone shout out my name, “BILL”, Bill Jordan”!    I answered, “yes” and she shouted out again, “I HAVE YOUR DVD”!  That was the first time I realized my work in Shell Art had gone International and before I knew it we were on the 3rd floor of The Academy asking me how I create letters using Sea Urchin Spins and how do I go about creating  pocket watch pendants, it was a great first meeting to say the least.

Later on I sent her a message about our first meeting.

On that day you’re Love for the art and mine came shinning through and I did not have a lot of time to show you my creating process, but when you came to the Sanibel Show in March we really got down to business and even with our language barrier we learned well from each other. You have won many awards for your creations but what is important to you as it is to me is to share that knowledge. We both know what it takes to create art out of shells and for you to travel thousands of miles as you do to learn more and bring it back to your country and share it is beyond commendable. I thank you for all your hard work and all you do to promote Shell Art. Bill Jordan

10Hatsue Iimuro, biography in her own words:

I was born and raised in Yamanashi prefecture in Japan and moved to Boston with my family due to my husband’s job and lived there from 2005 to 2009. In 2006 I took a trip to Cape Cod Massachusetts and visiting all the different shops noticed an octagonal frame with a mosaic of sea shells enclosed and was amazed to see such a superb masterpiece of shell art not having seen anything like it before in my homeland of Japan. I was informed it was a Sailors Valentine and fascinated by the arrangements of the shells in different colors and texture in a limited space of the octagon box and in 2006 started creating my version of Sailor’s Valentines.

The theme of my creations was to combine Sailors’ Valentine Art, the traditional art in America, with Japanese traditional beauty ever since my first piece and this is what I’m committed to in all my future work of Sailors’ Valentine.

My studio in the woods of Yamanashi prefecture is where I basically work harmonizing the shells, nature’s product of the sea, to the wood frame, which is nature’s product of the forest.

My passion is to be a “Bridge” between America and Japan as a Sailors’ Valentine “Teacher and would be thrilled to see our two “Countries” become one “World” someday through my action and work among people in two different worlds.

I would like to thank Bill Jordan www. sailors-valentine.com for his continued support of my work in promoting the art world wide as I am here in Japan.

Web Site   http://www.japan-sva.com/

Email   jsva.shell@gmail.com


魅惑の貝がらアート セーラーズバレンタイン  “Oriental Sailors’Valentine”

Enchanted Shellfish Art Sailor’s Valentine is now available in my “Strictly Shell Art Store”

see: https://strictlyshellart.com/


Sarasota shell club newsletter, including an article on Victorian shell art.  See:  www.sarasotashellclub.com










Sea Shells ?

dsc00473-003 no-0165My answer is listening to what the shells are saying and how they would like to be arranged, “Imagination “is the answer.


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SAILOR VALENTINE HISTORY Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum Oct. 16th

kj-m-mYou may be wondering what this sign has to do with Valentine History and the answer is “Folklore”.  Many of you may have observed this sign in doorways and welcome mats but never thought what a Pineapple has to do with the word Welcome but there is a reason. In the 1800`s Whaling Ships would leave Nantucket and New Bedford traveling as far as the Pacific Ocean on an average voyage of three to four years to fill the ship with barrels of whale oil. On their return trip they would stop in the Caribbean for supplies and repairs before jumping on the expressway home, the Gulf Stream. Once back in home port, just before leaving their ship they would grab and unspoiled piece of fruit and just before entering their home would set it on the front porch which was a signal to those passing by he was home from his long voyage.

On this October 16 th at Bailey-Matthews Museum I will be giving a slide show presentation on the History of Sailors Valentines separating fact from fiction and folklore of its past dating back to the 1750`s’

Please join me at:

The Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club’s first meeting of the season will be held at 2:00 PM on October 16 th . It will be in Auditorium “A” on the main level of the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum.  http://www.shellmuseum.org/

Door prizes will be given and refreshments will be served.

The meeting is open to the public.



See my: “Strictly Shell Art Store” at https://strictlyshellart.com/

Cases- Valentines- Watches and more.


Teachers & Shows

008-001Sue Hobbs has graciously compiled a list for those who give classes in shell art instruction. If you find your name is not listed you may contact Sue at:  Sue Hobbs  suehobbs@verizon.net .

Suzanne Dietsch   Suzanne holds classes at the 1800 House Nantucket Historical Association www.nha.org/1800house/  twice a year.  See:  suzanne@seashellvalentines.com  for future classes.

Gerda Reid teaches small classes at the Cape Cod Maritime Museum in Hyannis.  Classes are offered in the spring and fall.  Gerda can be reached at windfixes@aol.com.

Susan Black   Nantucket Sailors’ Valentines  “ I offer complete instructional Sailor Valentine kits with everything needed to create your own”.   See:  http://www.nantucketsailorsvalentines.com/

Sandi Blanda  “ I do teach beginner and advanced classes in Plymouth, MA and Nantucket but do not teach a pattern class, everyone leaves with an original design. I’ve been teaching for 16 years”. For information e-mail me at  Sgblanda@aol.com

Betsey Braun  “I do teach classes, mostly private and semi private and on occasion small groups.  I have a studio that works very nicely in Nantucket, MA”    e-mail:  e.b.braun5269@gmail.com

Bill Jordan   Visit Bill’s  web site  at http://www.sailors-valentine.com also his Shell Art Store at  https://strictlyshellart.com/ for  his CD on the techniques and tips for making sailors’ valentines.

Lisa K. MacDonald   “I have a guest house on the property (Clinton CT) and (will) clear that out, set up tables and it is very comfortable.  Its also steps from the ocean so it’s a nice venue”.  sailorsvalentineartist@comcast.net 

Mary McCusker “Occasionally I teach classes in Sandwich (MA)….during the summer. My classes are limited to 10 people maximum, 4  2 hour sessions.  I provide all boxes, shells and people can do their own design.  I’m pretty selective as it has been done in the past in my sister in law’s studio…in her home.  Contact me at 508 360 2622 for further information or e-mail: Marywmcc@msn.com

Connie Miller  Connie lives in coastal Lewes, Delaware and gives classes in her studio. e-mail: constmill@comcast.net

Sandy Moran Sandy splits her year between Cape Cod and the southwest coast of Florida.  She gives classes in both locations, in addition to putting on The Cape Cod Shell Show, in Hyannis, MA. e-mail: seashells5@earthlink.net

Susan Saunders I would like to be added to the list of teachers for people in the Maryland, DC, Virginia area. I can even offer classes for folks in West Virginia and North Carolina. e-mail suesaunders708@aol.com

Christa Wilm  “I teach sailor valentine-making, along with several other types of workshops.  I do workshops once a week during the winter months at my atelier.   Classes hold up to 10 people.  Classes are posted on Eventbrite, or I can arrange one anytime a group wishes.” Christa’s South Seashells 728 Belvedere Rd West Palm Beach, FL 33405    christasouth@bellsouth.net.  (561)254-1853

Shell Shows- 2016-2017

Wilmington, NC  September 17-18, 2016

The North Carolina Shell Club

The Cape Fear Museum

814 Market St. (Route 17)


Philadelphia, PA   October 22-23, 2016

Philadelphia Shell Show

The Academy of Natural Sciences

19th and Benjamin Franklin Parkway


2017 Shell Shows

*** NEW  DATE ***

Pompano Beach, FL  January 14-15, 2017

January 14-15, 2017
Emma Lou Olson Civic Center, 1801 NE 6th St, (near US 1 and Atlantic Blvd) Pompano Beach, 33060
Hours: Saturday, 1/17/15 10am – 6pm, Sunday, 1/18/15 10am – 4pm
Admission and parking are free.

*** NEW Date  & PLACE ***

Melbourne, FL   January 21-22, 2017

Astronaut Trail Shell Club Show

Eau Gallie Civic Center

1561 Highland Avenue


Palmetto, FL    February 3rd,4th & 5th, 2017

Sarasota Shell Club Show

Sarasota Area (was Manatee) Convention Center

1 Haben Dr @ US 41


La Quinta Inn    March 1-4, 2017

see us during the  Sanibel Shell Show at

Room 202  Ft. Myers – Sanibel Gateway  20091 Summerlin Rd  Fort Myers, FL

Wednesday March 1 – 10am to 5pm

Thursday March 2 – 10am -1pm & 5pm -7pm

Friday March 3 – 10am – 1pm & 5pm  – 7pm

Saturday March 4 – 10am to 12 noon

June 16-17, 2017

Cape Cod Shell Show


287 Iyannough Rd

Hyannis, MA


Our store will be open 10 am to 5 pm

August 15-19, 2017

Key West, FL

COA Convention

shell bourse open

Dealers bourse August 18-19, 2017


See my: “Strictly Shell Art Store” at https://strictlyshellart.com/ Cases- Valentines- Watches and more.