Beach Grass

To my friends in Shell Art.  In my current project a shadow box beach scene, I needed beach grass.   It took a few tries with different materials, but as you can see, so far rope works well.  Looks like 12 inches of rope will last me a life time. lol

1800`s Sailors Valentine Restoration

I just completed a restoration of an 1800`s Sailors Valentine for Four Winds Craft Guild of Nantucket.  It`s one of the better ones in style and color from that era.   The case and types of shells used are indigenous to the West Indies ( Barbados ) and leads me to believe it was created in the later part of the 1800`s.   Interesting enough, flipping through the pages of a book by John Fondas, I found a double case valentine on page 72 with the same center section dated 1875.   In this restoration I found no evidence that it came from the Curiosity Shop in Barbados but I am of the opinion that it could have.  For interest on price an availability, contact Four Winds Craft Guild at   Thank you for your interest in Shell Art ; Bill Jordan