The Martha Stewart Show
Bill Jordan is a featured Shell Artist on the July 23, 2007 edition of Martha Stewart Show and is also featured on Martha's website.

Kindred's Antiques & Folk Art
Bill Jordan's work is  featured at Kindred's Antiques & Folk Art in Cape Cod, MA
Located in the heart of Osterville village, on beautiful Cape Cod, Kindreds Antiques & Folk Art is devoted to home décor and to unique, one-of-a-kind handcrafted items. In addition to antiques, Kindreds carries the work of a select group of nationally recognized artisans.

Nantucket Sailors Valentines Kits
A premier designer of beautiful Sailors' Valentine Kits sold coast to coast. Their seashell craft kits include everything you need to create timeless designs.

Susan Lloyd
Growing up on Long Island Sound, Shell Artist, Susan Lloyd has always been a shell and sea glass collector and making shell boxes seemed to be a
 natural progression. These shell boxes are reminiscent of the shell craft and Sailor’s Valentines of the Victorian era. Susan is featured on Martha Stewart's website along with Bill Jordan in the Shell Art category.

Shaw Contemporary Jewelry Gallery
Bill Jordan will be featured at Shaw Contemporary Jewelry Gallery in Northeast Harbor, ME in the spring of 2008.

Sylvia Antiques  &  Four Winds Craft Guild
A Sylvia Antiques and Four Winds Craft Guild have been buying and selling antiques and Lightship Baskets on Nantucket Island since 1927. Bill Jordan's work is featured in Four Winds Craft Guild.

Sara Ruth Designs
Sarah Ruth of Las Vegas, NV. has a passion for art and has focused that passion on "Seashells" Art. She prefers to work on her shell projects slowly and mindfully, until she has perfected each piece as a new shell art creation. This Shell craft pastime has now gone to the next level. Her work has caught the eyes of shell lovers, collectors, and fellow shell artisans alike.

The Conch House
The Conch House sells unusual small and tiny seashells and shell for the Sailor's Valentine artists and shell artists, such as all sizes of blue mussels, purple and green urchin spines and parts, baby welks, barnacle parts, flat white slipper shells, the best glue bottles and the best tweezers for shell artists. They try to find new and different shells all the time to add to their inventory.
The well-known and long established London based shop (since the 1950’s) now operating a mail order service for all your shell needs. Also flat mother of pearl for inlay/restoration,etc.

Sanibel Shellers
World wide specimen's and decorative sea shells, shell books and shell art craft items.

Carrying craft supplies, craft shells, decorator seashells and sailor's valentine boxes. Visit our online store for all your seashell needs.
Exhibiting American art in a 19th-century grist mill, the Brandywine River Museum is internationally known for its unparalleled collection of works by three generations of Wyeths and its fine collection of American illustration, still life and landscape painting.

Lynda Susan Hennigan
Lynda Susan, a Sailors' Valentines artist, has been chosen to join the distinguished group of craftsmen who comprise the 2006 directory of traditional American crafts. Her sailors' valentine will be photographed for an issue of Early American Life Magazine.

Seashell Finery by L.A. Givens
Beautiful, one-of-a-kind shell art pieces for the home.

Shell Chic by Marlene Hurley
A beautiful Shell Art hardback coffee table book.

LCK Shell Treasures
Sailors Valentine by Lois Kessler

SeaShell World
An environmentally educational shopping experience. Exotic sea shells, starfish, sand dollars and unique seashell novelty items. Fun for collectors and crafters alike. Dive on in!
Shellography is a creative and original way of viewing the natural artwork contained within ocean seashells. Shellography galleries will delight and challenge your imagination.  Combining science, technology and artistry has created a totally unique vision of the seashell; Art that is not abstract, but realism in it's purest form.

Constance Marshall Miller - Shell Artist
Constance is a Shell Artist devoted to the art of Sailors Valentines.

Naples Sea Shell Company
Seashells crafts, gifts, and decorations.

Desert USA
Searching for Ancient Seashells in the Desert...
Sailors' Valentines by Gayle Condit  - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Pamela Boynton
Sailors' Valentines by Pamela Boynton

Gerda's Sailors Valentines
Sailors' Valentines by Gerda

Sailors' Valentines Craft Shells
Eliza Dietz

Shells By Emily
Imported and local SW Florida shells for ornaments, mirrors, frames and bouquets - 651 Collier Blvd, 2nd Floor 2C, Marco Island, FL

Sanibel Seashell Industries
Shell and Shell Supplies Store - Sanibel Island, FL

Seashell City
Fenwick Island Sop offering specimen shells, seashells, hermit crabs, etc.

Discover Sea
Shipwreck Museum

Seashell Valentines  
One of a kind Sailor's Valentines designed and crafted by shell artist Suzanne Marie Dietsch

Peggy Green Shell Artist
By using the same shells the Victorian shell artist used, her pieces take on 
an old world look.  Custom cut and papered crosses, photos frames and wooded
shell incrusted boxes are offered.  Guaranteed and signed.

NON-SHELL related artists we support:

Leslie Molen
Leslie Molen is an award-winning doll artist based out of Denver, Colorado. She also provides classes and materials to help you become a better doll artist. Learn more about her company ROotie StudiO here.

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